Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fahrenheit88.. can u feel it?

I know my entry is out from makeup & beauty topic.. but just sharing what’s new in KL :)
Yes, the new shopping mall in Bukit Bintang has finally soft launched on 15th Sept. The grand opening will be on 23RD Nov. Yey!!! However, there are not many shops still open but it’s enough for this time being :) But a report of 90% tenancy is filled :)
Fahrenheit88 was formally known as KL Plaza which previously owned by Berjaya Group. Now, Fahrenheit 88 is taking over KL Plaza as a new landmark in Bukit Bintang which runs by Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Sdn Bhd which was acquired by Makna Mujur Sdn Bhd; a subsidiary of Pavilion International Development Ltd.
This new transition in Bukit Bintang is likely to uplift the standard and the face of Golden Triangle.
Can’t wait for November to come!!!

At Fahrenheit88 main entrance.

Accessories shop – Heart Attack. Own by Malaysian & I personally assumed inspired by Diva.

Mirrorcle – average price RM30. Cheap huh?

U can see Fahrenheit88 front layout from the mannequin background..

This is me.. at Charles & Keith :p

Gelato Fruity. Sedappp! I tried on Baby Blue :)

My colleague @ Vincci. It rather look different. Not quite sure if the collections are different from other outlet.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Official Photo Engagement

I have received the raw and un-editted pix of the latest engagement makeup job I did last week.
I am so happy the girl emailed to me the pix without any due!
I truly appreciate it, darl xx
So ladies, here are the pix before & after without any editting :)






Sunday, September 19, 2010

Makeup for Engagement



This is make up for her engagement.
She requested for half bun & curl hair alongside natural make over.
She loved about everything that she decided to exclude her veil as accessories for the engagement!
I guess that's 1 satisfied customer there!
And as usual, I am waiting for her to email me her pix from OP.
I hope it will be soon!
Thanks, sweet & all the best :)

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