Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Makeup For Bridesmaid

Again, I didn’t get any pictures from my jobs last weekend.
So I have to hunt it from the OP websites.
Here’s 1.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Look Book - Office Do

Q: mcm mana nak dpt this simple look to office?

*picture from internet
U can try using MSF foundie and powder from MAC.
Retractable pencil eyeliner in dark brown or black from MAC.
Eyelash curler.
Water proof mascara.
Eyebrow setting in dark brown from MAC.
Neutral nude brown eyeshadow.
Peachy or brown blush.
Nude brown lipstick.

Hope this will work for u!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dark Circle Ur Enemy

I am rest assure this is so common that sometimes u could just give up.
I too gave up!
I tried so many remedies but it just didn’t work.
But silently.. every now and then.. I do some reading on dark circle and its causes.
Even though I have been using so many expensive and highly recommended eye cream, yet my problem was not solved.
It was actually due to my lack of knowledge the occurrence of dark circle.

1.       Direct sun contact on skin made the skin under our eye tanned and wrinkled.
2.       Skin dehydration.
3.       Allergy reaction; towards food or dust etc.
4.       Lack of sleep.
5.       Imbalance diet.
6.       Heredity – totally unavoidable if u inherit it.

So having the knowledge perhaps could help u shun away ur dark circle.
Drink more water, use sun block for under eye, get ur beauty sleep & eat right.
Along with this good habit, cure ur dark circle with a cream that suits ur skin condition.
Or if u opt for traditional ways, there a aplenty recipe out there.

1.       A used tea bag that has been chilled in freezer.
2.       A cotton ball soaked into chilled milk.
3.       Chilled cucumber slice.

As for me, I am using Eyliplex-2 from Goodskin.
It has 2 container for 2 types of usage.
The White container is for Day treatment & the Blue container is for Night treatment.
The Day cream is to make eye area skin feel tighter, look more lifted and radiant for younger looking eyes.
The Night cream helps remedy visible dark circles, firms and reduces the appearance of eye area wrinkles.
In 4 weeks u can see ur dark circle soothing and in 8 weeks, ur eye bag is lifted :)

Wow… sounds awesome right?
Well, if u wanna do it… u better do it right!
Eat right, cure from within.
Hope my tips here would benefit yuol :)

My Makeup Blog Analytic

Allkay. Just sharing :)
I wanted to know who actually brose my bridal blog.
Well I wouldn’t know who they are individually but at least I know where they are from and I am pretty excited about it :)

I can’t believe I have readers from overseas as far as Germany!
Well hopefully my-passion-turn-business will turn out well and I could retire by just doing this :)
So I hope my readers/clients will understand the reason why at times I dedicate my entry in English :)
I hope everybody enjoy reading my blog!!
Happy reading, peeps!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Makeup for Bridesmaid

Another fun makeup job yesterday.
It was my last job for the weekend.
The wedding took place at Crowne Mutiara Hotel.
Beside my offic ajer!
Started at 430pm & we finished by 730pm.
I did makeup & hairdo for the ladies.
Masa nak start buat hairdo to kecoh skit, hair curler tak jumpa.
Mana ntah cicir.
Until now masih tak jumpa lagi.
Sib baik ada curler roll & hair straightener that I can make the curl with.
Nak dijadikan cerita.. dah sampai rumah mlm tu, my wedding band pulak tertinggal kat bilik hotel!!!!
Tapi before I realised I left it in the room, sempat pegi pasar malam dulu allkay!
Masa nak balik dari pasar malam tu tiba2 hati terdetik nak sebut "sayang nye hubby aku ni kat aku".
Skali raba2 ring tak de kat jari!
Terus incek hubby kata itu kalau hilang dah tak de ganti.
Gelabah kau!
Sampai rumah terus call hotel.
Sib bbbbaaaaaiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkk cleaner baru je masuk bilik tu nak bersih kan and he found it on the table where I left it.
Syukur sgt sgt.
Hubby punya geram kat I sampai buat facebook status "mcm mana nak cure kan 'asyik2 misplaced item' ni?"
Hahaha... I also dunno la incek hubby.

Allkay.. back to my makeup job.
Sib baik sempat amik gambar diowang2 ni coz they all look so chantik.
Itu pun sbb we had 30minz to kill.


Makeup for Bridesmaid

I had fun time these weekends.
Did 6 make up events but only manage to take couples of picture.
Haih... I am so sorry ladies.
I hope to receive the pictures soon for my own portfolio.

Makeup & hairdo for maid of honour..



Makeup for bridesmaid..
However gambar before tak sempat nak amik. Heh


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Red Gincu

Ouh wow..
Tonite hubby and I are going to watch Eclipse @ Signature Gardens.
I am feeling allllll vampirish right now.
To fill in the vampire mood, I changed my lipstick color for today.

From Nude

To Red Ventura!

In Avon Perfect Wear Extralasting Lipstick in Eternal Flame.
Just one swap the color glides smoothly to ur lips and it stays matte for quite a long period!
With the results to compare the cheap price (abt RM15 if I’m nost mistaken), I am truly taken away by storm.
A true satisfied customer of Avon :)
Well, this is my 1st Avon product that I’ve tried by the way.
I shall buy more lipstick to try on :)
Hubby won’t be so thrill to find me in this color.
But it suits my mood for now :p

So tomorrow, I will show u how to get Nude lips color :)


My Fav Fake Eyelash

I know many of u girls out there loooveee to wear fake eyelash.
Especially when attending weddings & formal dinner.
And u wish u can just wear fake eyelash all the time coz there are some of us (including me) who are not so fortunate when it comes to eyelash.
My eyes is sepet and short eyelash.
But ladies, there is a way to rock ur lashes naturally :)
iLove to wear fake eyelash whenever I just feel like to :)
Bulu mata palsu kegemaranku?

Ini diaaaa..
Bulu mata palsu Taiwan Code 215.
RM30 kalau beli kat Sg Wang.


Pandangan depan with fake eyelash

Pandangan sisi with fake eyelash

Ouh begitu menarik, allkay.
Bulu mata palsu ni mmg panjang skit dari original alis mata kita.
So, sebelom pakai tu, potong dulu.
Tapi jgn potong yg hujung nya sebelah dlm, potong yang hujung nye dekat luar alis mata.
Tapi yg belah dalam tu, kalau ada lebihan yang tak perlu tu potong la.
Kasi kemas.

Glue yang saya recommend, is this~!

Rubotan Eye Ace.
I bought this glue from Jakarta.
Agak pricey tapi sangat bagus, allkay.
Yesterday I went to Usher concert.
So I put on my fake eyelashes by using this glue.
(sempat pakai fake eyelash lagi kan? Hehe)
Amazingly, dalam keadaan yg panas dan berpeluh2 tu, my fake eyelash tak tertanggal langsung!
So mmg worth it ye beli glue ni.
So siapa yang nak order glue ni, please email/sms me directly :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wedding Dress for Rent - Blue

Allkay, this is sooo long overdue.
I’ve promised to post wedding dress for rental.
The thing is, I am so bz with makeup jobs that I literally don’t have extra time to take the pictures.
Alhamdulillah through satisfied clients, I get more recommendations nowadays :)
Thank you so much!!

So, the dress!
This is dress no 1.

I am renting it for RM250.
I am considered size S/M.
My height is 160cm.

If u are interested, please kindly email me.

I shall give u the detailed measurement :)

U may drop by for fitting too :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bibir yg Silky n Smooth


Bz with ur wedding preparation?
Been getting low/high bp?
No time to eat?
Tell me about it!!

But ladies, don’t neglect ur body too long just because u are so caught up with ur wedding preparation!
At least think about the health of ur skin.
Breakouts is not a good news at all.. as much as a chapped lips.

Bibir merekah atau kering pada malam pertama is not what u want, bridezillas! Heh..
But I have a perfect solution for u.
Try Burt’s Bees Medicated Lip Balm.
Burt’s Bees lip balm ni ada banyak jenis for every kind of lips problem.
Dulu lip balm ni tak de kat Malaysia.
So I selalu kena order from US directly.
Tak de la mahal.
Now lagi convenient sbb Burt’s Bees dah ada cawangan dekat The Curve!
If u ada masalah bibir merekah, so jgn lah panic lagi.
Get urself a Burt’s Bees and ur lips will be as smooth as a natural lips!
But don’t forget to start drinking water frequently.
Cure dari dalaman lagi berkesan, allkay?

For other brides yang belom mengalami masalah bibir merekah, go and grab ur glass now!

Sip that plain water (bukan air sirap tau!)

Beauty tips from… me! :) Lead by experience! Hehe

Ps: Avoid is better than Cure

The Carat Club Sales!

Ouh wow…..

The Carat Club is having Relocation Sales.

Hubby went to have a look last weekend and he said the sales are not too shabby.

He bought my wedding ring from The Carat Club and I tell u, it’s worth every penny.

I also can opt to upgrade my ring and they will give great discount on the upgrade.

We haven’t upgrade my ring yet.

Well, I don’t think I wanna upgrade my ring.

But I wish to have an eternity band to match my current wedding ring :)

The Carat Club also sells cincin belah rotan.

He bought mine there for tunang at a very bargain price during their clearance sales :)

So ladies, apa lagi… kasi hint la sama Incek Hubby :)

3-11 July 2010

The Carat Club Relocation Sale

Discounts up to 70%

Products Offered


Location (Tel 603 2141 8260)

The C Club

Lot 5.11 Level 5

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

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