Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Makeup for Engagement

I had so much fun making up for a close friend's engagement last weekend at Bangi.
A smooth transformation for her.
She has kulit hitam manis.. but alhamdulillah my makeup did not make her look like 'tepung gomak'.
Makeup with done by me, & hairdo by her friend aka her own hairstylist.
Makeup utk before... akan di upload esk ye.
Ada kat camera lain.
Yang bawah semua ni pun from official photog -


  Apa yang penting??

 Hairdo by her friend,
Natural makeup by me.
 Ouh saya sggttt suka :) 
Hek hek

 Natural & chantik kan?
Eceh puji diri sendiri :p

Pakai mak mertua.
 With her beloved brother :)

With her Fiance.
 Time ni dah nak maghrib amik gambar!

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