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I have decided to update the blog again. I have made a little survey and found it most of my recent customers found me from this blog. I hardly update this blog and I have very little pictures, yet they trust me to hire me as their make-up artist. I feel honoured.
Here are some of my makeup job in Kuala Lumpur since March 2014 - December 2014 :)
  These are the list of makeup that I normally use for my clients.

Foundation : Nars & Shu Uemura & MUFE HD (Makeup For Ever)
Concealer : MAC & Bobbi Brown
Powder : Chanel & YSL
Lipstick : Makeup For Ever & Marc Jacobs
Blusher : Nars & MAC
Illuminator : TheBalm

Please don't raise ur eyebrows by reading the list. My fees are very reasonable so don't be afraid to as for quotations. My quotation vary depending on occasions & locations. Maklumlah minyak dah mahal. Hehehe. I use these products cause I love them & I wear them myself. But item use are different if you have skin condition which need more detailing. I am here to serve you pretty :)

Client 1 : She has a severe acne problem and oily skin. Well prime & 2 layers of foundation and setting powder did the trick :) As usual, my trade mark is natural hues and soft look.

Client 2 : She has nice skin but she had an accident while ago which left visible scars on her face. A little bit if contouring & highlighting lifted her features. Soft sweet look for a bride's maid :)
Client 3 : She's already pretty so any makeup is just enhancing her beauty :) This is during KLFW2014. Theme was cocktail & sweet do to compliment her outfit :)

Client 4 : She's the sister of the bride requesting for bollywood makeup. The sister's wedding was recorded for Raikan Cinta by Astro. So they did bollywood dance for henna night. I love her transformation as I would just normally do natural makeup. But here, she looks amazing!

Client 5 : Yes, you have seen her face in :) Natural soft makeup for her nikah at Masjid Wilayah. 

Client 6 : She request for a simple makeup for her morning interview at CapitalFM. I fancy this lady so much. Check her cooking at #eatcleankl :)
Client 7 : Trial makeup for her engagement day. Pardon my messy hair!

So this is her on her engagement day. Bulb in her room was out so I had 1 hour to do her makeup under the natural light. After that, it was all cloudy expecting some shower. But hey.. no rain can hide a pretty lady! She look stunning in the caftan. Gave a little hair bun for her super short hair. I made it! Hehe..

Client 8 : She has sawo matang skin and very good complexion. I mix 2 nars foundation and voila.. natural look and no ashy look which is comment problem for medium dark skin tone if wearing a wrong shades of foundation and makeup. Tricks? Mixing & blending :) And those eyelash, are hers! Beauty isnt it.

This is her with her fiance. Awwww :)
Client 9 : Makeup for founder of Nanano Vendors Boutiques. Picture was taken under the natural light so it was a little bit over exposure. Yet no filter! Same goes to all pictures posted by me :) Nana is wear Elise eyelash. Major love for this eyelash.

Client 10 : This bubbly client requested for arabian makeup. She already have a sharp features and the makeup really compliment her features :) So glad she loves it.

Client 11 : Makeup for the founder of Izz Intishaar Moslema In Style Fashion Show. No fake eyelash needed for her sharp eyes :)

 Client 12 : Rosy makeup for mommy celebrating the birth of her child. Makeup for Aqiqah.

Client 13 : Photoshoot makeup for Karyanina boutique new line. This is for indoor makeup.
  And this is for outdoor makeup where I intensify the color of her eyes & lips. Already cantik sure no problem one :)
  I don't have exclusive Instagram account but u may find me at #makeupbyeijaszwn

Hope you love my work :)

Makeup  Nikah Sanding Pengantin KL RM450
Makeup Bridesmaid Personal KL RM150
Natural Makeup KL
Light Makeup KL
Simple Makeup KL
Makeup Photoshoot KL RM250


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