Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Trick To Perfect Makeup Beauty Is....

Many of u would wonder.. what is the best look suitable for u. One might say the most cover-up u do, the better. Which I couldn't agree any lesser. However, heavy make-ups doesn't make u look overdo or fake for that matter. With a good touch, heavy makeups able to conceal the flaws on ur skin but also at the same time, let the natural looks of ur features appeal. Many has mistaken the theory of "natural looks" for makeup. If u have a definitely flawless skin, less foundation will uphold the natural glow of ur skin. However, skin with acne problem or blemishes or scars, need heavy concealing. But it is not impossible for u to have a natural look beauty. The trick is, color palate. What I mean by color palate is the combination of foundation, powder, eyeshadow & lips color must be sync with ur natural skin color. A good blend of the colors will make u look as natural is it could be :)

However, we can't proclaim the same technic when u are up on stage or dais. Spot lights will eat away the colors on ur face, that's why most makeup artist will emphasis more on the color and face contour so u will not drawn under the lime light. But what makes it different is to have a smooth foundation for some times these kinda technic will make u look on a heavy makeup face to face. A smooth foundation will make the difference by a thousand. So don't be fooled by the pictures taken on the magazine or in photoblogs coz it can deceive u. Hehe.. not that I cheat!! No... All these are straight from my Lumix or HTC Desire or N97 phone camera :) No photoshop please :p

So as u can see, natural looks makeupdo is the same technic as how heavy makeup as u would call it. The difference are color choices. But a secret to a long lasting foundation is a good makeup base ;) Well... if u are talking about daily makeups for example to the office, well, u don't need make up artist for that. U just need to trust urself what's better for u :)

For those who has booked me, I will meet u soon. And for all my satisfied clients, Alhamdulillah.. everything went on great :) And thank you for all ur good words towards my work. May Allah bless u.


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