Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hi!!! I'm Back!!!

I have been on long hiatus! I am truly deeply sorry for the delay. Truth is, it all started when urs truly has been promoted as head of department (alhamdulillah). Tapi oleh kerana kerja yang melempah ruah, email lama tak dapat check. To make things worse, I lost my iphone! 90% I would access my email from my phone because kat office tak boleh bukak email. And I only got my new iphone replace by hubby last month for my bday. Alhamdulillah. Tapi password pulak lah lupa! So nak tunggu online from PC mmg tertahun.. sbb kat rumah pun bz and, I have not been feeling well previously. Bukan apa, I'm pregnant :) So mual mual I ni agak teruk sampai dha 4th month pun stil muntah muntah. Mmg I tak larat babe. Shopping pun tak. Padahal I tak beli satu apa pun barang baby lagi. haih...

Well, this entry is actually to convey my apology to you who have emailed me since last October and did not get any reply. I'm very much regret for the hiatus. Eija harap youl dapat makeup artist replacement yang dapat memenuhi citara korang. Amin...

If anybody interested still, please you may send your request to my email bridalmakeup.eija [@] Hopefully ada rezeki kita berjumpa on ur wedding~!

Thanks for your kind words and support. Hanya Allah dapat membalas :)


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