Saturday, March 17, 2012

My sister's engagement

 My sister got engaged last week. we only had 1 month to prepare! good thing it was just a small and simple ceremony. yeah, she's not a fussy person. thank god for that. ahaha

so, as expected, i did her make up. it wasn't easy i must say since she requested not to trim her eyebrow at all. well, i got to respect her decision and did my best.

this is my sister, before.

and this is after. she's not fussy but she was worried about her eyebags. good thing we got that covered too :)

this is done by me too. something simple and quick!

that's my sis with her bff & her friend photographer for the day. Shuq. and the backdrop is my idea and it was done by my husband and uncle. since i'm pregnant, i wasn't allowed to do anything. hehehe.

now, the real headache. her wedding arrangement. omg... anybody can recommend good photographer and comes in cheap, please share ur suggestion. huhu..

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