Saturday, October 2, 2010

Makeup for Solemnize

Since I am mostly known for my natural way of make up, bride has appointed me to do just that :)
She however, only gets a few hours of sleep before I arrived.
Results = eye bags
Alhamdulillah, I was able to conceal & hideaway her eye bags & dark circle :)
Remember brides, doesn't matter how busy things are at the very last minute, please make sure u will at least get 7 hours of sleep (that is if u didn't take any nap).
If u had a nap during the day.. 6 hours should be allkay too.
But best if u get ur beauty 8 hours sleep, allrite?


After ..



Honeys said...

wow! after makeup she looks like Ida Nerina.
i mean it in a good way, she looks sexy ;)

i love the makeup look, simple yet sexy ;)

Bridal Makeup by Eija said...

right? :) she already have the features, just need to do it right to make it the right sexy look... in a good way of coz! :)

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