Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Advertorial -

Photographer for ur BIG Day!!
I met this young gentleman last weekend at a makeup job.
I got to learn that he was previously an art & creative director for an agency & now having his all attention towards his photography passion.
He has eye & angel for great photograpic view.
Which why I want to dedicate this entry to promote
Brides, if u are looking for OP yang masih free on 26 DECEMBER, still have 1 more free slot!
Apa tunggu lagi!
Pick up ur phone and booked Subhi already ladies!!
Subhi a.k.a Berx || 016-3553247


 On top of that, Subhi rates for Engagement is
- unlimited photos approx. 3 hours + outdoor portraiture.
- 10x12 inches wedding album / 22 pages
- all photos (plus touch up and edited) in DVD



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