Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dark Circle Ur Enemy

I am rest assure this is so common that sometimes u could just give up.
I too gave up!
I tried so many remedies but it just didn’t work.
But silently.. every now and then.. I do some reading on dark circle and its causes.
Even though I have been using so many expensive and highly recommended eye cream, yet my problem was not solved.
It was actually due to my lack of knowledge the occurrence of dark circle.

1.       Direct sun contact on skin made the skin under our eye tanned and wrinkled.
2.       Skin dehydration.
3.       Allergy reaction; towards food or dust etc.
4.       Lack of sleep.
5.       Imbalance diet.
6.       Heredity – totally unavoidable if u inherit it.

So having the knowledge perhaps could help u shun away ur dark circle.
Drink more water, use sun block for under eye, get ur beauty sleep & eat right.
Along with this good habit, cure ur dark circle with a cream that suits ur skin condition.
Or if u opt for traditional ways, there a aplenty recipe out there.

1.       A used tea bag that has been chilled in freezer.
2.       A cotton ball soaked into chilled milk.
3.       Chilled cucumber slice.

As for me, I am using Eyliplex-2 from Goodskin.
It has 2 container for 2 types of usage.
The White container is for Day treatment & the Blue container is for Night treatment.
The Day cream is to make eye area skin feel tighter, look more lifted and radiant for younger looking eyes.
The Night cream helps remedy visible dark circles, firms and reduces the appearance of eye area wrinkles.
In 4 weeks u can see ur dark circle soothing and in 8 weeks, ur eye bag is lifted :)

Wow… sounds awesome right?
Well, if u wanna do it… u better do it right!
Eat right, cure from within.
Hope my tips here would benefit yuol :)


NatYazmie said...

yes, this is my major problem from the very beginning! thanks sis!

Bridal Makeup by Eija said...

Usaha Tangga Kejayaan! hehe

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